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CombiTrack is a revolutionary breakthrough within the international clothing subsidiaries. With the CombiTrack system, you can follow each individual garment from the clothing factory to the shop counter. Security problems such as internal and external clothing theft are solved definitively.
The innovative CombiTrack system integrates two proven technologies. It combines the proven CombiClip ink protection with an RFID Tracking & Tracing system. (Radio Frequency Identification: the remote reading of data). This combination offers an optimal Supply Chain Management system for clothing. Track, Trace & Protect!
CombiTrack offers enormous logistical, operational and commercial advantages. You have access to a permanent stock inventory 24/7, with accurate product location indication. Based on OmniChannel - the connection between Clicks (website) and Bricks (shops) you automatically facilitate Cross Selling: which leads to extra sales between 30 and 300%!





Your own price tag including barcode is immediately attached to the garment in the factory - anywhere in the world. One last time, the item data is read using the barcode reader and automatically stored on the RFID chip of the CombiTrack tag. From that moment on, you can easily and accurately read and track this data at any time and any location within the Supply Chain. With CombiTrack you always know whether your garment is in the right place.
When the consumer arrives at the checkout with a clothing item, the reader reads out the tag, the receipt is printed and the sales transaction is recorded. Only then can the CombiClip inktag be disconnected by means of an extra strong impulse. The decoupled CombiClips and RFID tags are stored in standard cassettes at your checkout and transported to your CDC for re-use. This is due to the re-use of all tags.
A shoplifter who takes an item of clothing out of your shop without paying for it, will have an unpleasant surprise when the tag is removed illegally. In the event of illegal removal of the CombiClip security tag, the ink penetrates into the stolen garment. Theft is therefore completely pointless!


Our mission is to develop and implement profit enhancing solutions for clothing branch companies. Our primary goal is to increase turnover in order to use an optimal Supply Chain Management system to trace every item of clothing 24/7, throughout the entire chain - from manufacturer to consumer.
In addition, we focus on making clothing theft meaningless. Our Track, Trace & Protect solutions ensure a sharp reduction in the commercial Opportunity Cost. As a result, the operating result of clothing stores and chain stores will improve considerably. CombiTrack is therefore not only good for your company, but also ultimately good for the consumer.


Around 1948, the United States Department of Defense already started with the development of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This technology is now also available for extensive applications. At the beginning of 2007 we developed the Combi-Track, where the RFID coil and chip are integrated in the CombiClip Mini. In addition to the proven anti-theft system of the Combi-Clip, this allows clothing to be traced seamlessly at a distance of 200 metres. The RFID tag can be described and/or linked to the barcode of the price tag at a distance of 55 cm. The RFID tag can then be read from the Mojix reader equipment, mounted on the ceiling, at a distance of 200 metres using the unique code. This can be done at any time, 24/7 and at any location within your entire supply chain.


In 1984, we were the first company in the world to introduce an ink protection system: the Colour Clamp (Colortag). A proven preventive concept, which made clothing theft meaningless and chasing unnecessary. With this system, personnel saftey is also more guaranteed. M&S Mode, Miss Etam and Perry Sport took part in pilots with the Colour Clamp. HEMA followed and installed over one million Colour Clamps within one year. This resulted in a spectacular drop in shoplifting by as much as 50-80%!


By 1984, many of the branch and chain stores had already been secured electronically. In that year, we were the first in the world to introduce the revolutionary ink security concept Colour clamp (Colortag). In 1989 we introduced the CombiClip, a combination of ink protection on the existing electronic tag. After a successful trial at Vroom & Dreesmann, where 1.2 million CombiClips were used, further expansion followed throughout Europe with large chains such as Karstadt, KaDeWe, KIK, Marks & Spencer, Harrods, Galerie Lafayette, El Corte Ingles, Bijenkorf and many others.
Even (professional) shoplifters weren't dormant those years. Standardised magnetic decouplers were provided to them from all over the world. This made it possible to remove almost all electronic tags from clothing without any problems. As a countermeasure, we developed the CombiSafe in 1993. The decoupling system was now no longer standardized, but with a unique decoupling code tied to each individual retail chain. As an extra security, the decoupling - in addition to the unique ink lock code - required an ultra-strong magnet.
Existing electronic security tags were often too large and inconvenient for smaller and sophisticated clothing such as lingerie. In this sector in particular, the number of shoplifting robberies increased enormously, sometimes to as much as a few dozen percent of the turnover. Our answer was the CombiClip Mini in 2002. This smallest version of ink protection is still used today in all segments of the clothing industry, including the German clothing discounter KIK (with more than 4,000 branches) and high-quality lingerie chains.


  • you create a 24/7 permanent stock inventory with accurate product location indication;
  • the CombiClip ink security system makes clothing theft pointless;
  • your internal and external losses are guaranteed to be reduced by at least 50%;
  • the decoupling of the CombiClip RFID system is only possible after the sales transaction has been processed in your cash register system;
  • the use of theft bags is signalled immediately;
  • a connection between Clicks (website) & Bricks (shops) is established for your OmniChannel system, which leads to Cross Selling;
  • your customer can pick up his webshop purchase at your branch immediately, based on the guarantee the clothing will be present;
  • you create Cross Selling: additional sales between 30% and 300%;
  • your shop staff can concentrate on the customer instead of the potential shoplifter;
  • you prevent Sales Loss (missed sales);
  • you create a higher conversion;
  • you will achieve optimal customer satisfaction and
  • last but not least: Your company is fully ready for the future!


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