With the CombiTrack system, your business operations will be substantially improved by means of up-to-date, real-time product data via the Internet. This will have a positive impact on almost all disciplines within every retail organization.
CombiTrack - CombiClip


  • Real-time product tracking: Anytime, anywhere
  • Direct Consumer Response
  • Just in time ordering and deliveries
  • Shorten lead times


  • Instant article information
  • Accurate re-ordering
  • Improved insight into the acceptance of trends
  • A backbone for Sales Forecasting


  • Saving time on receipt of goods
  • Prevents labeling/tagging
  • Time-saving stock-taking (instantly and during opening hours)
  • Goods received immediately available for sale
  • Reduced staff search time for missing / matching clothing
  • Sales Loss is being prevented
  • Cross Selling: additional sales between 30% and 300%.
  • Quick procedure for exchange and return
  • Reduced risk of administrative errors
  • Reduction of administrative work
  • Airtight control of external theft/fraud personnel
  • Reducing staff stress because of theft threat


  • Reduction OOS (Out of Stock) and Sales Loss
  • Proper insight into consumer take-off
  • Insight into regional differences and differences between individual branches
  • More efficient Category Management (Range composition, store layout, planograms, promotional planning etc.)
  • New insights and knowledge about consumer, buying and shopping behaviour. (Fitting room tracking, Magic Mirror etc.)
  • Increased consumer satisfaction and store loyalty



  • Integrated HF and UHF technology
  • Encrypting and reading distance 55 cm
  • Identifying the unique code with Mojix reader at 200m distance
  • Encrypting 100 pieces in 1 second
  • Anti-Colission System


  • Freezing point -185,8 fahrenheit
  • Not washable
  • Non-toxic


  • Diameter 27 mm
  • Weight 12 grams
  • Plastic Polycarbonate transparent


At Omni-Channel, the focus is shifted to a tailored experience for the customer. The customer is served through multiple channels by means of a certain ideology in which the focus is on the customer. Each channel has its own unique characteristics and serves a special purpose. Whatever channel the customer uses; computer, mobile phone, the physical store or advertising material, the content and analyses of the customer must be coordinated in all these cases. The customer chooses a channel that suits him best at that moment. Instead of a channel, he sees a company or brand. He no longer just buys or orients himself in a webshop or shop, but consciously buys from a certain company. The consumer must be able to move flawlessly between these channels.


  • Physical shop
  • Website – Webshop
  • Pickup point
  • Kiosk
  • Mobile App
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Text message
  • Chat on website or via webshop
  • Social media
In order to successfully reverse the impending decline in retail, retailers will have to seize all these opportunities and channels. This offers plenty of opportunities to make a customer targeted offers on the basis of his personal purchasing or interest behaviour. National borders no longer exist, nor do closing times. And what could be better than making an offer on a customer's phone just as he walks into your store? Omni-Channel is the only answer to the internet violence of the large, internationally operating e-commerce companies like Alibaba, and Zalando.


With our technology, all these possibilities are within reach for the retailer. The Mojix system (NASA Spin Off) can read and locate each individual clothing item in store and CDC 24/7 by means of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification / Chip technology) with an accuracy of 50-55 cm. This is necessary to give the consumer who orders clothing through your webshop the choice to have it delivered by PostNL in a few days or to be able to pick it up in your shop today. All while guaranteeing the clothing item in question is definitely located in your shop - "in the residence of your customer" -.

Another option: While the customer orientates himself in your store on other clothes, you can see on your tablet or IPhone where other activities with clothing take place in your branch. This may relate to consumers looking at and taking clothing off the shelf or employees of yours who are arranging / straightening out clothing. Every black dot indicates activity.

By using an information kiosk in your shop, the customer can indicate that he is interested in matching blue shoes, for example. The image of a matching pair of shoes appears on screen immediately, in the customers size, along with an indication of where the shoes are located in the shop.
  • Combitrack Mojix
  • Combitrack winkel
  • Winkel artikelen


Are you interested in using the CombiTrack system in your shop, but feeling reluctant because of the implementation? If so, we can collaborate with the Retial Management department of AVANS Hogescholen in 's Hertogenbosch, to implement the CombiTrack system in your store. It concerns internships of 2nd and 3rd year students. Feel free to contact us for more information about all the possibilities to make your company future-proof.


What is really going on in Retail Netherlands? The new director of Detailhandel Nederland, Guido van Woerkom - former director of ANWB - posed this question to McKinsey, one of the most renowned consultancy companies in the world. The conclusions up to the year 2025 are downright shocking:
  • 30% loss of turnover
  • 30% job loss
  • 30% vacancy
A survey by Avans Hogeschool 's Hertogenbosch for retailers shows:
  • Continued fear for e-Commerce
  • Conversion is low
  • No influence on the composition of the collection
  • Poor stock management
  • High turnover pressure from head office
But there is a salvation! In order to survive and become future-proof, every retailer will have to adopt the Omni-Channel strategy.


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